A 15 minute snowmobile ride away

A 15 minute snowmobile ride away, another platoon learns another lesson: Hang on to those military rations. The soldiers cluster around holes bored into the ice, hoping to hook a fish. Gunner Eric Landry was among the lucky: he caught one after about six minutes of jigging.

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Smart was rapping his knuckles against the wooden podium even before a reporter could finish his question about freshman quarterback Jacob Eason streak of four games without an interception. Eason last interception came against South Carolina on Oct. 9.

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I had confidence I could not just make the team, but play an important role. I know what type of player I was and felt I had a really strong finish in Winnipeg last year and a good year on the whole. Terms of why the Jets didn bring him back, Stempniak age (32) and the fact he not an overly physical player likely worked against him..

Does anyone recall why Colin Kaepernick, ex NFL quarterback, took that first knee?As to the consequences of the kneeling to their cause, whatever that may be, it has been sorely diminished. The most noticeable consequence is way their actions are driving away customers. Social media has been flooded with former fans burning player jerseys and promising to never again attend an NFL game.

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