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Kathryn Oakes Hall pinned a sign to the back of her T shirt as she made her way to the march in Santa Fe, New Mexico: “Nine months pregnant, so mad I’m here.””I’d rather be sitting on the couch,” she said.But she marched anyway because she worried about her baby’s future in a world that seems to consider science disposable. Her husband is an engineer at Los Alamos National Laboratory, she studied anthropology, she even has a dog named rocket.So they joined thousands marching in Santa Fe, many of whom stopped her to remark on her pregnancy, with a mix of administration and concern.Hundreds turned out in light rain for a pro science rally on the Vermont statehouse lawn in Montpelier.Denis Hayes, who co organized the first Earth Day 47 years ago, said the crowd he saw from the speaker’s platform on the National Mall in Washington was energized in a rare way, similar to what he saw in the first Earth Day. That’s unusual for an odd numbered anniversary, he said.Lara Stephens Brown, a graduate student studying veterinary medicine at the University of Minnesota, joined thousands marching in St.

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By half time, Pochettino was the happier manager despite a lack of clear cut chances (and no, shooting from 35 yards does not count as a clear cut chance). Although he is not a manager who would admit to being content with a 0 0 draw, a 0 0 draw at Old Trafford without Harry Kane would clearly not be a disaster. If you are fighting with one arm tied behind your back, emerging with the rest of your body intact is some feat..

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“The time has come when we must demand that people stop building so sloppily,” argued Myers, who’s ready to risk unpopularity, even anger, for opposing people’s natural desire to simply reset their lives and rebuild like before. “I don’t see any coherent policy coming out of the state or the city, so we must encourage them. Once you make good building a standard, it won’t seem expensive.”.

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