Gradually the business morphed into what Levine called a “wild

The key to understanding the younger Spanos’ decision is the man himself and his family. A large photograph of the Spanos clan dominates the wall behind his desk in an office that overlooks two practice fields at Chargers Park in San Diego. On a credenza, between an NFL record book and a golf club, a copy of his father’s autobiography leans against the wall..

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It’s easily the sexiest store in Santa Cruz, a town that has in recent times verged on being sexless, being largely more focused on feminist subtexts than feminine sauciness. And even Camouflage’s own beginnings were decidedly prurient owner Joan Levine originally opened her store as a T shirt shop in the old Cooper House back in 1980. Gradually the business morphed into what Levine called a “wild and crazy kind of place,” but after the earthquake forced her to relocate and start over, she went for a more elegant, European feel.

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What do people fail to realize about the fact that certain individuals just ain “reformable” or “rehabilitative” in any way? Of course, when an organization chooses to defend those of 1 religion or movement over another, then an agenda is clear. In any case, best of luck to Mr. Harris w/ his studies, but don count me as a supporter, that is my right 🙂 henry.

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