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Have you seen these “OR” stickers around town? Do you wonder what they mean? The acronym stands forOF RAGS , afair trade fashion cooperativestarted byBranson Skinner with the help ofLiz Ricketts.Centered in New York and Ghana, OF RAGS seeks to inspire the most basic human values among its customers.Sustainability seems to be a hot word in the fashion industry lately, with big names joining the cause such as H&M. So I sat down withLiz Ricketts ofOF RAGS to learn more about how retailers can do their part.It’s good that companies are getting the message out and I applaud them for taking steps, but we must do more to educate shoppers or else the whole idea of being a conscious consumer goes out the window.Fabrics are one small step in the energy cycle that produces clothes; you can’t just use some organic cotton and call it a day.What would be interesting is if retailers could produce a collection that was more expensive and then educate the consumer on why. The best way is to have local collections in each region where they have a store, using local labor force and thereby directly contributing to the energy cycle.And that’s precisely what OF RAGS does. They ask the core questions replica hermes belts , which are quite basic yet rarely answered: Do you know where your clothing is made? Do you know how much it costs to make it or who makes it?OF RAGS answers all these questions by producing goods made from sustainable fabrics in underprivileged communities around the world.OF RAGS debuted its collections of wears at FNO this year, presenting everything from handbags to apparel to pottery — each made by a community of people who have been empowered to produce quality merchandise that sustains their community.Sustainability is not only an effort to support the environment but also to stimulate the economy.Now OF RAGS seeks to take their initiative a step further with the “A Circle Connection.” This new program focuses on the future via the impressionable minds of children, encouraging them to”stop, think, ask and reflect” thereby making them conscious consumers. The program began in Brooklyn and plans to continue their education tour in Detroit and D.C.To find out more about OF RAGS and learn how you can do your part visit the official blog via Huffington Post. 0Thoughts?1 of 7Image courtesy of Rachel Lena Esterline of┬áRachel’s LadderFounder Branson Skinner, Liz Ricketts, writer and friend Joey Merlo and Jacqui BennetNext slideshow starts in 10sSupermodel Jessica HartPrefersPencey


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Of Rags: A Global Perspective With Local Values

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