I think this would be great for a stock that has a little kick

Cooking for One paella and more

Good afternoon, Rangers! It’s less than a week until Christmas: Do you have your holiday menus set yet? Have you stocked the liquor cabinet to keep Uncle Ed good and primed? Are all the cookies baked and stored, ready for the assault of canada goose uk shop sticky kids’ hands?

We can talk Christmas dinners, cookies, cocktails, anything you want. Cathy Barrow (you might know her as Mrs. Wheelbarrow) will join canada goose coats on sale us to talk all things goose, while the Once And Future Boss Joe Yonan will discuss his party of one paella recipes. Jim Shahin will be on hand, too, to tell us how to give the “kingly meat” known as prime rib a smoky robe.

Of course, a few of the usual suspects will be here to answer your holiday questions: Jason on cocktails, Jane and Becky on just about everything. Bonnie, however, is AWOL, sadly; she’s spending the afternoon with Kojo Nnamdi, talking about cookbooks and gadgets (but not before answering a few questions!).

As usual, we have cookbooks to give away (perfect for regifting perhaps?) to the two best questions. So let’s get this thing started.

Posting Canada Goose Coats On Sale question early since I’m on the West Coast and can never catch the chat live. I have been tasked with bringing a vegetable buy canada goose jacket cheap dish to my Italian families Christmas celebration dinner. Tradition has us eating Italian sausage and various cold cuts (mortadella, prosciutto, pancetta, etc.) and I need a vegetable dish that would go well with those flavors. canada goose factory sale Some of my family members aren’t quite as adventurous in the food front as others so in years past, my mom has just asked me to bring a crudite canada goose platter. I have better skills than that but am drawing a blank as to what to bring. It can be a cold or hot dish as cheap Canada Goose travel time is measured in minutes. Any suggestions would be most welcome! Thank you and Merry Christmas to you all. Love reading the chats.

The first thing that comes to mind is bagna cauda, the fabulous Italian version of a crudite platter, in which you dip the vegetables in a delicious garlic/anchovy/olive oil concoction. The key is to do more than just pick up a bunch of Canada Goose Parka raw veggies from the supermarket, but to instead source perfectly in season, prime specimens and then very carefully blanch or otherwise gently cook the vegetables rather than just serving them raw. We don’t have a recipe for such in the system, but our friends at the Bitten Word have a nice take on one that was in Bon App.

The other thing I imagine cheap canada goose uk is a creative take on bruschetta. I know, I know, it may seem dated, canada goose clearance but if you really do it the Italian way char the bread, rub it with garlic, and top it with powerfully flavored cooked vegetables it can be such a winner. And it doesn’t have Canada Goose online to be limited to tomatoes and shouldn’t, this time of year. I got back into it in a big way after reading the A16 cookbook some years back. Some topping possibilities: garlicky stewed greens and white beans; red pepper chutney with ricotta; sweet and sour squash. In Germany there an analogous groats consisting of kiwis, gooseberries and usually either green grapes or pineapple. I mulling over a winter variation using oranges (or better: blood oranges, if I can get them), cranberries and. A third or fourth fruit has me stymied. Something that will harmonize with oranges and cranberries, is wintery and will keep the end product from seeming too much like cranberry sauce. Any ideas?In Denmark there’s a dish that translates as “red groats,” made with red summer fruits (red currants, blackberries, raspberries, cherries .) and a thickener, usually corn or potato starch canada goose coats and served with whipped cream or vanilla custard. In Germany there’s an analogous Canada Goose Outlet “green groats” consisting of kiwis, gooseberries and usually either green grapes or pineapple. I’m mulling over a winter variation using oranges (or better: blood oranges, if I can get them), cranberries and. A third or fourth fruit has me stymied. Something that will harmonize with oranges and cranberries, is wintery and will keep the end product from seeming too much like cranberry sauce. Any ideas?

We’re uk canada goose hosting Canada Goose sale my husband’s family for Christmas day so I’m making breakfast, snacks AND dinner. But they’re actually getting in on Christmas Eve, not to mention the fact my BIL plans on proposing to girlfriend Christmas Eve night! I’m already going to be insane from all the food prep for Christmas, so I can’t imagine doing anything even slightly complicated for dinner Christmas Eve. I would just order a pizza, but I do feel like an engagement calls for canadian goose jacket something just a little nicer canada goose uk black friday (I will have a special dessert made to celebrate). Any ideas on a meal that can feed six people and is easy canada goose black friday sale to throw together? My best idea so far was to have a “Make your own grilled cheese sandwich” night, with us supplying the basics and everyone else bringing whatever weird ingredients they wanted.

Wow Canada Goose online , this is great I never knew you could make paella without clams or mussels and I’m not very fond Canada Goose Online of those so end up picking them out and just eating the chicken, rice and whatever teeny veggies. Big waste unless I’m with a seafood lover.

FYI I looked at the store site you mention and canada goose uk outlet they’re having a one day sale on paella pans and “kits” today. Maybe they saw your article!

Question The store says a paella pan bottom “is dimpled in order to spread heat evenly.” Does that mean it has air holes? Hard to tell from the pic and I’m guessing it makes a big diff in timing.

Thanks, Joe, and happy holidays! Looking forward to having you back in DC, hope you’re looking forward to returning!

Do it! uk canada goose outlet And report back. I think this would be great for a stock that has a little kick in it, and you could use it as the base for, say, a good tortilla soup like canada goose clearance sale the one pictured below.

Believe it or not, it’s not unheard of. The folks at Ideas in Food mentioned the idea in a blog post a couple of years ago although they didn’t really report on how the whole thing went, which I’m taking as good news!

Btw, not that you asked, but here’s one of my favorite wing canada goose store recipes. (I’m not really eating chicken much anymore, but I’d probably make an exception for these from time to time.)

Hi, Foodies,

From what I’ve read, the Post will have a new person in charge as Executive Editor next month and it may erect a pay wall sometime next year.

Change is not always good. So I want to take this opportunity to say your devoted followers don’t want anyone messing with the Food section or these free ranging chats!

If you need us to defend you, just let us know. If necessary, we’ll encase your offices in impenetrable fruit cakes or something to keep you safe.

What are the rumors? (The article about “your goose is cooked” is a coincidence ’cause it’s Christmas=time, not a metaphor, right?)

Thanks for the love! Yes canadagoosejacketca , Marty Baron comes to the Post next year coincidentally, his first day is my first day back after my yearlong leave. I’ve had the privilege of working with Marty at the Globe, and while he and I haven’t talked yet about the FoF, as you call it, I know that he values food coverage. And the other Powers That Be see it as part of the Post’s core mission, in terms of journalism that affects people’s daily lives.

There are no plans to make any drastic changes, just so you know. I have Canada Goose Jackets had a year away, though, which has certainly given me a little perspective, and we might shake up the formula a bit, like we do from time to time.

Are there things you’d like to see us do more or less of, by the way?

Glad buy canada goose jacket you like the look of them! You can use stainless steel, but it’s best NOT to use nonstick, because you want to get that crispy edge to the bottom of the rice if possible, and for that, you actually want some sticking. Really, the most important thing is size (I’m resisting unseemly jokes here!); if possible, strive for a pan at around 8 inches in diameter. The ingredients need to be spread in a pretty shallow layer. (The photos that went with the piece, while prettier than anything I can take at home, show perhaps a deeper paella than I intended, FWIW.)

If you think you’ll be a paella for one devotee, spring (only $13!) for one of these individual paella pans made out of carbon steel from La Tienda. (The reason paella pans are so great for this, beyond the tradition and name and size is that they have dimples on the bottom that help disperse the heat, and the metal cools down quickly so the rice doesn’t overcook.).