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Celebrating Christmas The Jewish Way Video

Hey what’s up everybody I’m on the in the eyes live today from the island and dally here in downtown new York canada goose clearance and I joined by jewel ailment that haven’t been here. Thank you for coming. Thank you for having for being here is you weren’t. Our pleasure. So let’s and we’ve been bringing you all kinds polity streams experience is food culture toys spun. We have a really special that you were gonna PD today it’s helpful but about what you guys are doing your eyes either. Sure since the sixth annual year that we’re doing when we called traditional Jewish Christmas we’re just like a Chinese feast. It’s just so happens to be tradition that on Christmas can basically canadian goose jacket do two things we Chinese food in the go to the movies. That’s at discuss it just just over that’s really Canada Goose Online what what else is a little Christmas of not like caroling. Around the tree and doing the Christmas. I wish I had that I grew up Muslims but we didn’t even have a Chinese spirit and the movies with unwrapped there’s hung around hung around like each other now we humans become blue that we got one pressure. So weak so it really doesn’t know tell us about mileage because Chris I walked in. And it smelled amazing and I’m really angry at myself for having lunch right. So we’re pretty traditional Jewish thought Dolly. I would try to do everything old fashioned way to cure its McElroy meets with one big twist. cheap canada goose uk Were from Montreal. So instead of doing pastrami reduce cured smoked meat Montreal smoked it. It’s basically the shot with Canadian cousin Al Wilson a few other Canadian classics like team. And if you have things are bagels are like. No Montreal style giggle about typical New York bagel what the Montreal on hand rolled baked into a burning out of their little smaller little denser. The preakness bloated running water. And the name island with some extra and that mile and is. And a neighborhood in Montreal that is very similar to below we decided that all its world Jewish immigrants move to. From basically the turn of the night of the century until. 40s50s and in this regard to the suburbs. And so canada goose store just like you’ll find a lot of the good old New York Daily News and Hillary’s side are used by more than them there. That’s where the Jewish donors Montreal effect. And to this is one of three locations that they had here in New York so check them out if you can wherever you are beer goes on behind the scenes look right we’re gonna see how this incredible. Neil comes together at least a few parts of it. Yeah we’re gonna see the our special egg roll. Or smoked meat and then ours looked up towards you. All of those words as if it where it’s OK let’s volume data content. Anybody it’s hard at working here. So we are totally interrupting. Every Wednesday high and I. Hair and paste of tiny Mario idiot yeah good uk canada goose outlet you’re gonna give us a little. Have a lot a sample of this Honecker coming up since we do that a lot goes. But we’re talking about here to talk Jews were there are trying to it’s good right now. And the dude down at such an east. A case goes check think you’re gonna walk us through. Which stages you and it tells you didn’t breast here. You guys do the are yankees funerals of as the Yangtze Montreal is. He best spot to get spindles and hats at the classics apologies go there is anything we so we’re gonna do you established that year. Instead of for a we be easy being. Ralston an arsenal beat Val so struggle take on honestly none. We’ll look at Hewlett action and then Rosalind do ours mom dad and a coffee chart see. Pilot comments that it would be starting with admiral admiral yet so. Rapper and DC where. This smoked meat is consistent and all the dishes right that’s how you bring a little bit of Montreal. Its weight as it here. Yet also dislike what Zoellick style stuff like where it’s very 1000 extremely diverse. This city this month. And a lot of chefs over there like mixing it up you know they’ll vote of Middle East and being accidentally. With that Uzbekistan is opening agent and accused. Him. So here is our beat me so this consists. Eat cabbage sweet Celine. Aren’t solely. Chinese chives cinnamon. Ginger. Garlic sesame oil and liked it. It everything open and inner. So here we take about an ounce and a half and need. He put it just. But it’s a makes a triangle. And then me and indeed to wind speed. I was obviously announced that he can eat cereals you gonna happen if enticement Rosen then will happen this summer bigger than the smaller ones. Some aren’t going to be fully experiencing really want a nation is am I mean so. Rolling him yet. Yet it’s like him to suddenly that. Economy that triangles to go under. And then canada goose uk outlet year old yet you rule. Out playing. That old ones and I pulled there. Then. Roll it up. cheap Canada Goose Making take a little bit of flour. And water. It will slow dream of Easton has had a six to it yet. And evil and that’s it. Only time. When in. Enrolling meddling engine spiralling hundreds and eventually you get that game assistant down. And it is canada goose uk shop getting bathroom. People. How old. Inner in the Fryer. You it. Dozens think about Tuesday minutes. Depending on negative feelings emphasize that between Phoenix and beat it cracked. Agony at home and applaud you want to make sure that the oil that’s happened upon us occupy that happens is the oil spill over in the justices ask. Him. I had no you cannot. I don’t happen that usually usually you want to use vegetable or canola. It has a lower burning point if you think all of loyal Bryant had to those it’ll burn faster and will happen is after a couple of those in this black. Blackburn tasty and Americans. Have a multitasking they were sent Tony here what’s next. Next we will view he now. The battle is the the steam line Bryant. If that’s deemed it meets in a scheme to done actually violate this her goose bump and amazingly Elena bottle whenever that smell is. Just carry it around with me. All the time also were peeking at them the other thing they had here with the amazing they’ve got some kind of canada goose black friday sale some threw degraded because it is it whose whose door he admired some kind and there are some amazing that beef salad over their kids will see that. As gorgeous as colors. Everything in here looks amazing. Re looking reason things. I came here. RA through adult mouse yeah. These again again. Yeah basically. He’s written. You can get ready needing to making yourself but it catalogs and a gain gain a ready made that news is again get ready. I read so fair so he doesn’t sticking with the American. Isn’t fatal heart and papers. Square is a uk canada goose landing. So those things but to sit on. All the scenes days. I write them a little bits. And does he mean spray. The bottom up you know Spain. Yet. And I happen it’s gonna get through the soggy bottom on the scene all the moisture and and it may canada goose coats very let it lie has blocked that off. But some people won’t spread to parts and pavement and it’ll happen Israel’s through and getting out. Neighbor again that’s no good don’t do that Oakland. That parents and out. Going to the steamer. Let’s follow the mother and moments ago. Cubans and side. It two. Minute afternoon Pacific listen home if you just literally have like it’s like an vegetable steamer over a pot of water to the same thing right nicely. Just digging up a home acts like in recreate this panicking not nearly. Video. Yet he vehicle. You have to be integral. At the visualize that you are inside. It is saying he needs. Give Canada Goose Coats On Sale him any. Spilling. Out again it is all around mostly smoke canada goose clearance sale me. Our. I may take quarters. Goodman. Just following a man with a knife in a kitchen. Skis hi guys. So we’ll get in the Canada Goose sale high. Behind sent Tony having area problem here we go what are we looking at here. Never smoked meat that was on the US EC. I was on plays against disease itself CD of the alliance you don’t wanna cut with the lines on he gains the lines of what’s gonna happen as the industry. And I as it’s a small little. It’s small you hit yet to take in this Canada Goose online market you just how do you make it your guests through me yes what is so basically it is a tended to meet here. And eat it too is yet something at a home. Here. Yet that that the smoking everyday. It’s salt shakers paprika or seen as a schemes. I displaces and then that’s it saying you rinse it. For ages four and hours of homes. It’s written yeah they’re running on yet. And then he did and then we take it out let me smoke it aggregate twelve hours at least. And then once finished smoking. We get the pilot and then he’s eaten it for two hours and not targets on the. So it’s awful the whole process and candidates repeatedly several days. And several different pieces of appliances went into making this me. One when arrested that it ought to be sort of a heads are gonna place that is this enables us those perfect. Now here’s why though this in. As soon as possible. If Rick and the candidate better. There TV so it won’t be as nice. And what announce and a half. Each. Parents and he got arsenal meet here. So I’ll go back. Follow the me. I and let’s I’ll have anything to what. Okay back to the liberals now but it’s those making TM yet they have it. That girls are telling us that they’re done. I think we’ll begin I’ll. Texas oil. It’s capitalizing golden brown. Earth and it’s that you want to pay lateness canada goose of the play. Now get on time to make your own bumps us most people don’t. You guys buy it comes back down. Playing. We’re gonna. Take care and thing is if it euros. I’m sons. Ethan yeah facilities Ole us here. And that’s in this business that’s. And he put us on top of that now I love eating them live unless they’re basically you can buy that I must outer tiller he makes it lit. The cold water. We’ll becomes case. This tool that on the play. You leave us and seeing. Heavy. 11 out of denying things kindly yet I think 910 place. Well but their elaborate pranks he Canada Goose Parka definitely borderline judiciously BP wanted. Should make it like you’re going to anyone affiliated loved them so your latest no hunger let’s Indians when you. Credit OK that’s one buy canada goose jacket cheap dish down. Check. Larry so how about them. You know intimacy I think it. At a it that way one Q1 two. How do you know that there does I was what like three or four minutes again. As Canada Goose Jackets lines untouched and recently. Maybe the excitement and stuff. Hey hey hey careful. Opening letter opener Beasley and yet. But also gonna be too rough for us again. Split open so. Any body anything I eat eat why this particular he’s seen. Kicking in something like that this does open up case is finally again I’ll lately those deep pockets if that is any decision perfectly. And then some in Eden and take a homemade coleslaw. And I dismissal of an enabling him Sybase it is late game sweet pickles bulls locked. So insults at Abbott assaulted or like ten minutes and evil is that he makes. Anger. But their powder dry parsley lots of sugar and salt and evidence it usually you’re on Iraq. And then it is missile male in this little bit of that. They. I got a couple big play. Yeah this thing. Well the condiments section begins regulated canada goose coats on sale that that the contributing. It’s this like I want to open my fridge and I want it to look like this. All the time it. I think we can arrange that it acted without. Back to the values that Atlantic goes on canada goose factory sale land that’s it done. That it be neat simple beautiful again. At her food dishes down. Your client if it. It. Yet so it did that puffy face it is slow cooked meat thanks so looking back. So you basically take it got flakes salt and. Edinson for a couple days because I think that whatever you want to all of this is like you need a few days are prepared none of this is like if I think outlets of this that something. These are more mind if it isn’t so after all the a couple of days in Sydney could insulate three hours of blow in the oven and and Annie get solved and a all of party. Son out of dealers and that I gravel handful phenomena but that is all the fat that it visiting him. I do think we need to get this. And they had to sit and listen down. The so called an attic this together and make is in excellent piece that. Boy yeah. Help preserve and also deserve sadly if you keep cooking heat he conducted at bat. Get and I thought that sealed in the Vatican last for a few. It was an old methods you observed in the back. Yet love’s gone I think not be here. Right. No amazing anyway this thank you for this on this island that finished off now skin side down and all of this got back here. I buy canada goose jacket let that go. No noticed lately. He doesn’t look kind of reaction you guys get to this menu at the first time he did it did people know what they were in for when they came and Walt last year he went secret traditionally specialized Viles though. When they came in they really weren’t expecting out of papers in anyway. Spotters they came and his status as an expense in the Arab and it was really it was really get it relates to wrap. So like where art and lay people but we begin a very get reaction from all of this of people in our party vote tactically but it just me. Get the book in advance that they then there’s the disabled individual who go online the myelin looking out. Paulson tell you personally it’s only in any. Politically I’ve been watching here is to Graham. And I whistled at the real thing again. This program. It looks villages everything and he’s so much. See now are getting a little. Overlooked when Jesus. And he did. That comment. How did you come up with this particular combination of the meet then and accessories and condiments and all that you go to a lot of different. What you canada goose uk black friday really the one and one of. Well it became pavlik appears to look at it can’t assessment all the Chinese parliament’s. Although CB like all the weird. Jars at times they have no regulators have yet another attack Arnold is doing a damn Canada Goose Outlet I try to do things and I think bitterness but generally there like amazing. So does make it easier than they received an economist for a while now services I think what went would allow one. And that if it is an album out what I’ll look. Gap right. Blunt and okay these are smelling good looking good founding head. It hurt the dust space simple. It’s. Soy sauce voice and try Sherry. Chinese vice place. But a little bit sweet soy sauce as well anything yet. That’s the dates for the trustees us to assemble and have put it just makes everything together. Certain that they get it yet yes exactly and eight apple. It takes a very roasting juices from the panic and it finished that once some of the Batman and excuse. Duct battle over the again not that. That party. Perez and out of this place is done. Let the big tub of lots of calls by the way it payday you’re an average Italian. This giant have a lot of octane around them. News. So I likes Lacey went up one and has faced I think this insight down. Because it was like getting an ex besides I’m missing a mother thanked him. They gonna cut it. Spin. As possible. And I think that he ducked out yup you wanna let it rest. Order it might have minutes. Any need I was well into restaurants and had been you can heavily geez at least you have added that she’s going anywhere is also backing of the B. Any equipment yet. After like rose since only that you quantities that are asked for as long as the game they want to really kind of heads. In case. Played. It again the remaining in the. Only that we’ll play it right now. Back to the Krispy that he got. Out ball that could mean. I think on. Pilot top. The other you know. Yet. But that there. He’s. You stretch it you really get in there. Yet. And a little. 01 of those. We. Won’t mean. A way. Having a simple easy. Smog that rests on Italy maybe he’d like cookie victory admitted that I had expected at the client gave no problem not the quality you know they get home from hearing native. And then and isn’t even to eat just like this claim at this. Well I’m on the menu are to be added inner we have the lowest price below my guy analysts and have. Hubble lowest rates are gonna have that his broccoli. Smothered in spicy peanuts soybeans that up neatest. And I think it finally in the organs hugely moderately aisles. And desert courses are planning what you cookies and it is. Classic and tonight you thank you sound like there was something on you guys check that out my island daily they have three locations are still spots available. Is there. Online that have come at a proper Chinese feet straight Christmas dinner thanking them like appreciate it. It. He’d be happy.

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