November might be a better choice from 2015 onward

Guided Tour of Southern California

a rental car (public transportation around the OC will take too long)quarters (about $10.00 worth ) for old meters that don’t take credit cards. (Always put PLENTY of money in the meter. A tow away and or a $60 ticket is not something you want to experience).your cameraswimming suit if you plan on going in the oceanjacket for morning or eveningPS Dress in layers. It can get very hot quickly or drop down to 50 in winter. If you come in October and November when the Santa Ana winds are blowing, you’ll be a little chilly on the water.Best Time of Year: If you’re reading this any time between late October and June, just jump on the first plane out from wherever you are and get yourself to Southern California! By late October, the weather has cooled down from the September heat. (I’m always surprised to find it so warm in September in Southern California.) The weather canada goose coats on sale in October used to be generally just plain lovely cool in the mornings and evenings (65 68) and up to the 70’s canadian goose jacket and low 80’s during the day. However, as of 2015, October seems to be warmer. November might be a better choice from 2015 onward.While “winter weather” is beautiful in Orange County, the temperature can drop to the 50’s during the day. The average temperature in Newport Beach in December canada goose clearance sale is 48 degrees, but remember that is just an average. To a native Midwesterner like myself, it always seems warmer here because it’s sunny, sunny, sunny. We’ve had Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in the sand on the beach, wearing just light to medium weight jackets. However, be prepared to wear layers during the winter season since it can be cold in the morning and hot by the afternoon.The best reasons, however our web page , to come during the “off” season are the prices! Hotel rooms are less, beach cottages are almost half the summer rate, canada goose factory sale and often tours and entertainment fees are less expensive as well. If you arrive in Spring, late March to early April, you’ll hit the most beautiful flowering time of the year. Boulevards on the Pacific Coast Highway in around Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Laguna Beach, are filled with Bird of Paradise tropical blooms and trees are graced with flower blossoms. It’s a paradise of color.Best Days of the Week: Whether you come in Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, your day trip to southern Orange County will be more productive if Canada Goose online you’re able to buy canada goose jacket come on a cheap canada goose uk weekday rather than the weekend. Balboa Island, Laguna Beach, and Huntington Beach are especially crowded on Saturdays and Sundays. If the weekend is your only choice, your best bet is to try cheap Canada Goose to get to Balboa Island (as one of your first stops) early in the morning. That way you won’t have to wait in a long line to take the little ferry boat ride across to Balboa Peninsula.Time of Day: If you’re visiting Orange County on a weekday, the time of day you choose to drive here is critical. As you know, the Los Angeles area is known for it’s horrendous rush hour traffic during canada goose uk black friday the morning and evening commutes to work. Therefore, if you’re coming from LA, it’s best off to start down either before the rush hour (maybe 6:30) or to come after the morning canada goose uk shop rush. If choosing the latter, have a little breakfast at your hotel, and head over here between 8:30 and 9:30. If you plan to do the Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach part of this day trip as listed on the schedule, then leave before the traffic so you have more hours of the day to spend on your trip. The same is true for going back in the evening. You’d uk canada goose be much better off to stay near the ocean, have a nice dinner at a restaurant or grab a sandwich, eat it on the beach, and then head back well after 7:00. It will be light until 9:30 in summer so there’s no rush to get back to your hotel. If you must get back to Canada Goose Online LA or somewhere north or south of the Newport Beach/Huntington Beach area, cut your itinerary short and start back to your hotel by 2:30 (3:30 at the very latest) so you can avoid a possible nervous breakdown from the stress of driving on the 405. (That’s why a hotel nearby would be a great choice.)Weekends: You might think that if you come on the weekend, you’ll avoid the freeway traffic. As a non native to California, I am continually baffled at how many cars there can be on the freeways on the weekend. I have no idea where everyone is going, but they’re all buzzing around, so it’s best not to count on a slow traffic day on Saturday or Sunday. The beaches are quite filled on the weekends and walking around Balboa Island is a bit like a walk at the Minnesota State Fair in August! But as mentioned before, if you have to do this leg of your trip to California on the weekend, come on down to the OC anyway. It will be worth it!Oh, by the way, if you are staying near the toll way on the east side of Orange County, you might want to pay for using the tollway (FasTrak) instead of the freeway. A ride on the 241 from Yorba Linda, for example, is beautiful. Also, if Canada Goose sale you have additional time, apart from this itinerary, drive down the 73 south from Newport Beach toward San Juan Capistrano; it’s breathtakingly beautiful! Just have plenty of change ready. If you have a friend in the area who has a FasTrak Canada Goose Outlet device, he or she might let you borrow it, or better yet, your friend will be the driver on your most excellent adventure in and around the OC.Don’t Miss These Spots When You Visit Los Angeles, CAIf you love sailboats at sunset, stunning landscapes and landscaping, spectacular ocean views, and if you can handle the socio economic questions that viewing one of the fourth most affluent counties inCalifornia evokes, then the southern part of the OC (Orange County, California) is a must on your travel itinerary.This article is meant to give you Canada Goose Coats On Sale a step by step guide for a day trip from your hotelat Disneyland in Annaheimor from Los Angeles or San Diegoand will take you to Corona del Mar, Balboa Island, Balboa Beach, and Newport Beach. We’ll also take a look at Laguna Beach, and Surf City, USA (Huntington Beach) in case you start your day trip at the crack of dawn or have an extra day to spend in the OC. If you ask for directions to the PCH; almost anyone who lives here will know what you mean.Food: If you and your family are trying to save money, I’d suggest packing a few sandwiches and cold drinks for lunch in a small tote able soft sided cooler. If you have some money to spend and don’t mind “vacation” food, you Canada Goose Parka can certainly grab a hot dog, corn dog, frozen banana on a stick, even sushi on Balboa Island and at Ruby’s Restaurant on one of the piers that is scheduled on “Billie’s Perfect Day Tour for You”. Of course, canada goose black friday sale there is wonderful higher priced dining all over Newport Beach. (Although not on this itinerary, you might want to check out the Back Bay Bistro at Newport Dunes. This restaurant has one of the newest, most modern European architectural designs that you’ll find, complete with a retractable roof; and the menu is filled with award winning selections. In spite of its sophisticated styling, you can feel comfortable in casual attire just as you can all over the OC where you invariably have sand in your sandals.(via MacArthur Ave. and the PCH/Pacific Coast Highway)Directions:There are other ways to get to Corona del Mar, but the ride down MacArthur will “wow” you. (I’ll leave it at that). So , let’s assume you’ve come down from LA and ended up on CA 73 going South. Exit at Corona del Mar Fwy/MacArthur toward Newport Beach. Follow MacArthur down to Coast Highway (CA 1/the PCH). Turn left (south) down the PCH to Marguerite. Turn right on Marguerite to the ocean!Drive down Ocean Blvd. for a block or two, and park your car anywhere along the street (no meters). You can sit for a while and watch the boats go in and out of the breakwater (stone jetty to the north) or walk down the block buy canada goose jacket cheap toward the south. Later you can come back and walk all the way down to the ocean on either the north end of Ocean Blvd. or the south, but don’t do that now. We have a lot more to see. This was just to give you an overview of where you’ll be going next (and provide tweaking of the aesthetic part of your mind). Make special note of the breakwater where the boats go into and out of the ocean because you’ll be traveling there yourself in an hour or two from your visit to Corona del Mar.Get back in the car and go south to the end of Ocean Blvd. to Poppy (It’s the easiest way to get out of this section.) Take Poppy back to the PCH and turn left (North).Tip: If you come back to Corona del Mar after your tour or decide to visit the next day, (and if you love to observe marine life in tide pools), walk down on the left side (as you’re facing the ocean) which is the south end of Ocean Blvd. It’s a long walk canada goose down on a gently sloping decline. When you reach the bottom, you can play in the water or walk a little further south and see all kinds of small marine life in the tide pools. If you walk down on the north side of Ocean Blvd. you’ll also be at the beach where the local high school kids canada goose coats party at night around the fire rings. You can walk along the breakwater (jetty) which is the same jetty you will go through on your boat tour in a little while.Second StopBalboa IslandDirections: So you’ve found your way back to the PCH and you’re traveling north on Coast Hwy (CA 1/the PCH) looking for Jamboree (about 4 miles from Poppy or Marguerite and the PCH). Turn left on Jamboree toward the ocean again and enjoy the view as you cross the short sweet Balboa Island bridge taking you onto Balboa Island. Canada Goose Jackets You’ll see quaint little shops immediately, and if you’re here in the morning, on a week day, you’ll have no trouble finding a place to park along the street (Jamboree Rd. has become Marine Ave. at this point). There are no meters, so “not to worry” once again. There are all kinds of shops here with art and beach outfits and souvenirs. (I found that the women’s clothes here are sporty, comfortable, and actually very reasonably priced on Balboa Island). There’s a lovely uk canada goose outlet little church, St. John Vianney, and a famous historic stand that sells chocolate covered frozen bananas and the famous Balboa bar. There’s a shell shop that is one canada goose uk outlet of my favorites. You can get a nice little starfish canada goose store or sand dollar for a few dollars. If you canada goose clearance have children, don’t miss the adorable children’s book store that is tucked among some of the shops on this side of the block. Across the street and up the street from the frozen banana stand and shell shop, there’s a bright and cheery candy shop on one corner. If you need the familiar, there is a Starbucks on one corner and a Post Office so your postcards can be stamped from the historic Balboa Island!But hurry along now because we have to get to the ferry to take us across to Balboa Peninsula where we’ll embark upon a charming and informative boat tour at the Fun Zone. We need to be there by either the 11:00, 12:00, or 1:00 or 2:00 departure times if we’re going to make it to our other stops.A Gardener’s Dream Garden upon Garden bordering the sidewalk in front of each house on Balboa Island Flowers constantly changing with the seasons Source.