The crowd was eventually

The crowd was eventually reinforced by mutinous Gardes Franaises (“French Guards”) and this persuaded Governor de Launay, the commander of the Bastille, to capitulate. He opened the gates to avoid a mutual massacre but a misunderstandin led to a resumption of fighting and 200 attackers and just one defender died. In the aftemath de Launay and seven other defenders were killed as was the elected head of the city’s guilds..

When you’re cast to play a public figure as widely videotaped, personified, and parodied as Richard Nixon, it’s a challenge to forge your own path. The precedents are voluminous: Anthony Hopkins’ pudgy faced, occasionally British version from Oliver Stone’s Nixon; Frank Langella’s stentorian, deep throated take in Frost/Nixon’s Broadway and cinematic incarnations; the real life perspirer from those black and white debates with JFK; and the wattled paranoiac of his waning political career. Jellison, in his fresh, charismatic perspective in Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s version of Frost/Nixon, traversed a 40 year history of mimicry and caricature and emerged with something that looked and felt as authentic as the Nixon Tapes sounded.

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