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The Rams locker room was barely open a minute or two Sunday after a gut wrenching 27 20 loss to Washington when Robert Woods motioned for reporters to come talk to him. If anyone had reason to hide from the media or brush them off or figure out a way to make himself invisible it was Woods, whose two careless penalties during a critical fourth quarter drive likely cost the Rams a chance to score a touchdown and take the lead. Instead of coming all the way back from a double digit..

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Said, need to change our business climate. We need to provide tax breaks for small businesses. We need to ensure workers have access to critical job training. Portland photographer Mark Marchesi has spent parts of the last four years photographing modern day Nova Scotia, inspired by Longfellow love story of about the plight of the Acadians. His is a stark and honest look at the landscape, its emptiness heightened by the massive tides that make Nova Scotia feel even more remote. It on view through Jan.

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